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7th & 8Th Grade Dance
January 26, 2018 

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Educational links for students and families - *Be sure to observe any web activity that your child is involved in.

  • Fun and Safe Web Links for the Younger Child - Angelina Ballerina…. This is about a little ballerina with big dreams. - On this site, parents and teachers can learn more about the Clifford television series and web site, access lots of useful resources and activities to do with children. Just click on a link to explore, build stories, color pictures, etc. - As children grow, they move from being family-centered to understanding there is a whole community around them. Creating neighborhoods in their artwork can help children realize that people live in all kinds of communities of neighbors and friends  - This is animated Oochy and his games for young children

  • Language Arts/Reading Language Arts games and more  Merriam Webster Word Game of the Day  Vocabulary activities  Vocabulary builders  Lexile Framework for Reading

  • Mathematics - Math practice and activities - Interactive math games - Great site for kids - A+ Math
www.mathforum.or/dr.math  Ask Dr. Math  Math League help topics  Help for all subjects Khan Academy

  • Science Sites - A great website for Kids, Students and Educators sponsored by NASA. Categories Included are: Games, Art and Stories, Activities and Kids Club. The activities are by skill level, appropriate for K-5 thru adult.  You can expect to find reliable information on space-related topics, as well as Web quests, and even chats with NASA experts.

  • Typing Correctly Can Be Fun - Dance Mat Typing, an introduction to touch typing for children aged 7 - 11 years.  Each of the 4 levels are divided into 3 stages. Begin at Level 1 and build up your skills gradually through to Level 4. - PowerTyping is an online free typing tutor. - keyboarding practice sites.

  • MAP Skill Building

MAP Math
MAP Reading

  • General Sites

St. Dominic School uses PowerSchool to keep track of grades for our students. Parents access their student's achievements in the classroom with a login and password. - Accelerated Reader book list and quizzes - Learn more about SMARTboard technology at this website. - Middle Level Forensics Association website is helpful resource for more information about schedules, categories and related topics.

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